Message from the Course Director

It is with a deep sense of pride that we look back on the year gone by...

The 2014 G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination results stand out above the rest with high ranks in all the streams. District rank No 1 English Medium and District rank No. 2 English Medium in the Mathematics Stream, we are proud to say, are students of Shakthi.

The Shakthi London Examination Programme has expanded and crowned its 10th Anniversary with two world prizes.

I acknowledge with deep gratitude the student-centred services of my highly qualified academic staff who with wide experience, face with skill the challenges of the rapidly changing educational landscape.

The innovative Shakthi Seminar Series proved to be a success beyond expectations. These Seminars explained difficult sections in the syllabuses and made examination preparation a pleasant and challenging experience. Several of the packed-to-capacity seminars had to be repeated due to popular demand.

Ours is a "school from school" environment with the emphasis not merely on learning but on discipline, values and principles. We attempt further, to bring out the creativity and talents of the student.

To those who face examinations, we help them identify their difficulties and ensure excellence in their examination performance.

To those whose goals are off the beaten track, we open up in this ever-shrinking world, innumerable foreign path-ways, enabling them to achieve their goals and stand tall and proud some where, some day.

We offer dear children Strength for your Future - academic and beyond...

Mrs D Wickramasinghe